Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can I recover my password?

    Password recovery can be performed by completing the following steps:

    • 1) Click on LOGIN to ICAN-UK >> LOGIN TO My ICAN-UK
    • 2,) Click on Forgot Password
    • 3.) Enter details requested - usually Year of  Induction click proceed
    • 4.) Answer to a security question and recover password

    The login details will be sent to your registered email.

    If you don't receieve the email from the system for any reason, please contact the General Secretary via or via numbers provided on top right of the website.

  • 2. How can I register on the Website?
    • Registration on ICAN-UK website is strictly meant for ICAN Members residing in the UK.
    • Registration on the website is subject to approval from the District Secretariat.
    • The login details to Member's Area will be supplied upon Registration Approval

    If you don't receieve email from the system after approval for any reason, please contact the General Secretary via or via numbers provided on top right of the website.

  • 3. How can I update my profile?

    Registered members can update their profile by completing the following steps:

    • 1. Login to Member's Area via 'Login to ICAN-UK' tab on the website oruse link or from the home page navigate to LOGIN to ICAN-UK >> Login to My ICAN-UK
    • 2. Click on My Profile Tab
    • 3. Update the required details
    • 4. Click 'Save Changes' to commit changes.
  • 4. What are Notifications?

    Notifications are messages that arise from

    • 1. Networking connection request from members.
    • 2. Alert Notifications from the District Secretariat - Bulk emails and alerts.
    • 3. Alert based on Newsletter uploaded by District Secretariat.
    • 4. Alerts based on Technical Resources uploaded by District Secretariat.
    • 5. Notifications based on Meeting Packs uploaded by Secretariat.
  • 5. How can I network with Members?
    • 1. Login to your account
    • 2. Click on the 'Networking' Tab
    • 3. Several ICONS on the right side of the members details entails any of the following:
      •  a. Connect with friend
      •  b. Pending Request
      •  c. Connection successfull
      •  d. Chat messages


    • About Us >> Vision and Mission
    • About Us >> Objectives
    • About Us >> Technical Resources (described earlier)
    • About Us >> Links
    • About Us >> Who we are
    • Governance >> Committee Structure
    • Governance >> Bye Law
    • Governance >> Current Executives
    • Governance >> Committee Membership
    • Governance >> Past Chairs
    • News&Events >> News & Newsletter 
    • News&Events >> Upcomin Events
    • News&Events >> Meeting Notes
    • Multi-Media >> Gallery
    • Multi-Media >> Videos
    • Multi-Media >> Audio (see FAQ item 9 for the requirements on your pc to play audio file -FAQ is located blue icon on top right).
    • Multi-Media >> Pictures (requires login)
    • Registration
    • Contact Us
    • Login to My ICAN-UK


  • 11. My ICAN-UK Navigation


    Download Screen Shot

    • Home Page – Your Dashboard
    • My Profile - View and update your details
    • Networking - Invite a colleague to connect; accept invitation from colleagues; initiate a chat and respond to chat (online & offline messages are supported)
    • Notifications - View previously received messages and alerts (messages from District Secretariat; Alerts from document uploads etc)
    • Invoices – see invoices; filter by ‘Not Paid’, ‘Awaiting Confirmation’, ‘Paid’ and print or download Receipts & statements. Also pay and unpaid invoice by selecting and clicking on ‘Pay Selected Items’
    • My Subscription – displays your annual subscription history
    • Transactions – your transaction history and statement print and download
    • Packages & Invoicing – select a package and pay on online or pay at bank and update for Financial Secretary to confirm. When new packages are added by admin (e.g. ADD or Zonal Conference tickets), they will be available for selection as a package.
    • My Events – When new events added by admin (e.g. ADD or Zonal Conference tickets), they will be available for selection under my events and members would be able to select, register and pay online or pay at bank and update for Financial Secretary to confirm.
    • Poll – When a new poll is added, members can vote.