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Our Vision

ICAN UK District's vision is to support the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria in fulfilling its mission 'To Produce World-Class Chartered Accountants, Regulate and Continuously Enhance Their Ethical Standards and Technical Competence in the Public Interest'.

Our vision is therefore to contribute towards the fulfilment of ICAN's mission by presenting ICAN as a professional body of world-class accountants with high ethical standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our members achieve professional excellence and social well-being as well as project a positive image of the Nigerian accountant.

Our Strategy

We have developed key strategic objectives which will lead to the fulfilment of our mission and vision.

Strategic Objectives

1. Effective Representation of ICAN in the UK
2. Improving the Professional Competence of our members
3. Promoting Cohesion among our members and the Nigerian community
4. Promoting our members' social well-being
5. Ensuring the Financial Viability of the District