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The governance structure of the ICAN UK District society comprises of the Executive Committee supported by various standing committees. The Executive Committee is responsible for co-ordinating and controlling the affairs of the Society, regulating its membership and catering for the interests of members.


The committee consists of 10 elected members and the Immediate Past Chair (IPC) in an ex-officio capacity, each holding one of the following positions:

1. Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3. General Secretary
4. Assistant General Secretary 
5. Financial Secretary
6. Treasurer 
7. Technical Secretary
8. Social & Events Secretary 
9. Ex-Officio Members (2) elected

10. The Immediate Past Chair (IPC) as an Ex-Officio Exco Member


The Executive committee constitutes various standing committees to assist in implementing its programmes. Officers of the standing-committees are appointed by the Executive Committee while membership is open to all members of the District Society. There is a Committee of Past Chairs and Patrons, where membership is of all Past Chairs and Patrons of the District Society. The other sub-committees are:

Finance Committee

 The Committee's objective is to ensure financial control in the District's affairs and facilitate revenue generation.

Media and Communications Committee

The Committee's objective are to deliver all media and communication needs of the district - Print, Email, Web, Social media etc; as well as deliver all Information Technology needs of the District. 

Membership and Regions

The Committee's objectives are to manage and safeguard the membership database, reach out to dormant members and expand District's membership base; provide adequate mentorship programmes as well as reach out to and involve members located in other United Kingdom regions in District activities. 

Socials and Events Committee

 The Committee's objective is to facilitate Members’ social wellbeing and organise all district social events.

Zonal Conference Committee

 The Committee's objective is to organise and deliver the District's annual Zonal Conference.

Technical, CCAB and Skills Committee

The Committee's objective is to organise technical sessions which are accredited by The Institute, with aim to fulfil skills and professional development needs of members; ensure harmonious relationship with other CCAB bodies.

Ethics Committee 

The Committee's objectives are to develop a code of conduct for members of the ICAN UK and District Society and ensure protocol at all meetings (including timeliness); deliver appropriate and relevant Bye-Law concessions to ensure continued harmony - ensure concessions granted to previous Caretaker Committee is extended for at least 3 years.

Benevolent Fund 

This fund was set up by the pioneers of ICAN UK and the District Society in 2014. It is to serve as a practical way of demonstrating the District’s commitment to part of its mission to “… help our members achieve professional excellence and social well-being …”

Partnership & Sponsors Committee

Reach out to sponsors - exiting and seek new sponsors / UK-based & Nigeria based, and form new partnerships with other professional bodies.

Committee of Past Chairs and Patrons

The committee of Past Chairs and Patrons advises the Executive Committee on matters referred to it by the Executive Committee and supports the Executive Committee at major events organised by the Society.